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Market Breakdown of Camera Phone 1st Half 2015 & 2nd Half 2015 Forecast

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I.Executive Summary
    1.Camera Phone Market Trend By Sensor Type (2012-2020F)
    2.Rear Camera Resolution Trend (2012-2020F)
    3.Front Camera Resolution Trend (2012-2019F)
    4.Market AF Only & OIS (2012-2020F)
    5.Dual camera Market (2014-2020F)
    6.Camera Phone Market Trend By Half (2H 2014- 1H 2015F)
    7.Camera Component Supplier (Rear & Front Camera) (2H 2014-1H 2015F)
    8.Camera Component Maker Share (Rear & Front Camera) (2H 2014-1H 2015F)
    9.Camera Phone&Componet Supply China (2015F)
    10.Camera Phone Vendor Topics
    11.Camera Conpnent Topics (CMOS, CCCM, LCM, Actuator, etc)
    12.Technology Trend
    13.Non Brand Camera phone market (Whitebox or gray Phone)
    14.Entry Supplier List
II.Camera Phone Market
    1.Camera Phone Market
        1.1.Camera Phone Market Trend (2012-2020F)
        1.2.Camera Phone Maker Share (2014-2015F)
            ①Camera Phone Ratio by Major Handset Supplier
            ②Major Camera Phone Brand Main Camera Resolution Mix 2015F
        1.3.Smart Phone Market Trend (2012-2020F)
            ①Smartphone Ratio Maker Share (2014-2015F)
            ②Smartphone Resolution Trend (2013-2020F)
            ③Smartphone by Area
        1.4.Major Camera Phone Vendors Overview
III. Device Market for Camera Phone
    1.Area Image Sensor Market (Rear & Rear Camera Sub & Front & Front Camera Sub)
        1.1.CCD/CMOS Area Image Sensor Market Trend (2012-2020F)
            ①Sensor Revenue for Camera Phone -2013-2016F-
            ②By Half (2012 - 2015F)
        1.2.CCD/CMOS Area Image Sensor Market Trend by Resolution (2012-2020F)
            ②Case1 By Half (1H 2012-2H 2015F) 
            ④Case2 By Half (1H 2012-2H 2015F) 
        1.3.CMOS Area Image Sensor Market Trend (2014-2015F)
            ①CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share (2014)
            ②CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share (2015F)
            ③CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share (1H 2014)
            ④CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share (2H 2014)
            ⑤CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share (1H 2015F)
            ⑥CMOS Area Image Sensor Maker Share (2H 2015F)
        1.5.Supplier Overview
            ①Sensor Supplier Topics
            ②Supplier Overview
            ③CMOS Sensor Product List
            ④CMOS Sensor Trend
    2.LCM (Lens Camera Module) Market 
        2.1.LCM Market Trend by Composition (2021-2020F)
            ①Case1 By Half (1H 2012-2H 2015F) 
        2.2.LCM Maker Share (2014-2015F)
            ①LCM Maker Share ( 2014)
            ②LCM Maker Share ( 2015F)
            ③LCM Maker Share (1H 2014)
            ④LCM Maker Share (2H 2014)
            ⑤LCM Maker Share (1H 2015F)
            ⑥LCM Maker Share (2H 2015F)
        2.3.LCM Supplier Overview
            ①LCM Supplier Topics
            ②Supplier Overview
            ③Lens Construction Trend
    3.CCM (Compact Camera Module) Market
        3.1.CCM Maker Share (2014-2015F)
            ①CCM Maker Share (2014)
            ②CCM Maker Share (2015F)
            ③CCM Revenue -2013-2015F-
            ④CCM Maker Share (1H 2014)
            ⑤CCM Maker Share (2H 2014)
            ⑥CCM Maker Share (1H 2015F)
            ⑦CCM Maker Share (2H 2015F)
        3.2.CCM Supplier Overview
            ①CCM Supplier Topics
            ②Supplier Overview
    4.Camera Phone Market with AF & OIS Function
        4.1.AF & OIS Function Market Trend
        4.2.Camera Phone with AF & OIS Share by Brand
        4.3.Camera Module with Mechanical AF & OIS Share
        4.4.Mechanical Actuator Maker Share
        4.5.Major VCM Supplier Capacity
        4.6.Supply Matrix
    5.OIS Market Trend
        5.1.Camera Phone with OIS Share
    6.Reflow Module 
    7.Dedicated ISP 
        7.1Baseband List
    8.Other Device (Optical Zoom)
    9.Entry Suppliers for Camera Phone Module
    10.Cost Structure of Camera Module
        10.1.CCM by Resolution, Lens Composition
        10.2.CCM Price Trend 
    11.Non Brand Camera phone market (Whitebox or Gary phone)
IV.Supply Chain
    1.Handset - Lens - Sensor - Module (Rear & Front Camera)
    2.Supply Matrix-1 (Main & Sub Camera) (1Q/2015-4Q/2015F)
        ①CMOS and Hnadset
        ②CCM and Handset
        ③SMOS and CCM
        ④CCM and LCM
        ⑤Major 8 Camera Phone Vendors Case Study 
    3.Supply Matrix-2 
        ①CMOS & CCM Matrix (1H 2014)
        ②CMOS & CCM Matrix (2H 2014)
        ③CMOS & CCM Matrix (2014)
        ④LCM & CCM Matrix (1H 2014)
        ⑤LCM & CCM Matrix (2H 2014)
        ⑥LCM & CCM Matrix (2014)
        ⑦CCM & Handset Matrix (1H 2014)
        ⑧CCM & Handset Matrix (2H 2014)
        ⑨CCM & Handset Matrix (2014)
        ⑩CMOS & CCM Matrix (1H 2015F)
        ⑪CMOS & CCM Matrix (2H 2015F)
        ⑫CMOS & CCM Matrix (2015F)
        ⑬LCM & CCM Matrix (1H 2015F)
        ⑭LCM & CCM Matrix (2H 2015F)
        ⑮LCM & CCM Matrix (2015F)
        ⑯CCM & Handset Matrix (1H 2015F)
        ⑰CCM & Handset Matrix (2H 2015F)
        ⑱CCM & Handset Matrix (2015F)
V. Supply and Demand Balance
    1.Main component Monthly Production Capacity 2H 2013-2H 2014F (CMOS, Lens, Camera Module, VCM)
    2.Divergence Between Sensor Shipments and Camera Phone Shipments
    Major Camera Phone Product List
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