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モバイル & ワイヤレス携帯電話


2nd half 2014 Mobile Phone Platform Market & Development

体 裁
A4 :147ページ
価 格
300,000円(日本語/ハードコピー) 390,000円(日本語/ハードコピー + PDF+Excel)
概 要
本レポートは、ローエンドからSmart Phoneまでを含む携帯電話端末と、そのPlatform: Chipset及びOSの動向について調査・分析したレポート『Mobile Phone Platform Market & Development』のアップデートです。

1. Summary
    1.1. Mobile Platform Market Summary
    1.2. Mobile Phone & Smartphone Market Forecast
    1.3. Smartphone Shipping Ratio by Price Range
    1.4. Smartphone Market Forecast by OS Platform
    1.5. 64bit Smartphone Market Forecast
    1.6. Mobile Phone Market Forecast by Standard
    1.7. LTE Market Forecast by Area
    1.8. LTE Chipset Price Trend
    1.9. Smartphone Market Share Trend by OEM Vendor Segment, 2011-2015
    1.10. Mobile Phone Modem Chip Market Share by Cellular Protocol
    1.11. Application Processor Market Share by Price Tier
    1.12. Smartphone Chipset Roadmap Summary
    1.13. Smartphone Application Processor Vendor’s Outlook
2. Cellular Network
    2.1. Cellular Standard Roadmap
    2.2. Mobile Subscriber Forecast
    2.3. LTE Subscriber Forecast
    2.4. 3GPP Band
    2.5. LTE Band Allocation
    2.6. Carrier Aggregation
    2.7. LTE Cat.6 Service
    2.8. 5G Cellular Standard
3. Market Forecast
    3.1. Mobile Phone and Smartphone Market Forecast
    3.2. Mobile Phone Market Forecast by Area
    3.3. Smartphone Market Forecast and Shipment Ratio by Area
    3.4. Smartphone Ratio of Total Mobile Phone Shipment by Area
    3.5. Market Trend by Area
    3.6. Mobile Phone and Smartphone Market Forecast by Area
    3.7. Mobile Phone Market Forecast by Standard
    3.8. Smartphone Market Forecast by Standard
    3.9. LTE Mobile Phone Market Forecast by Area
    3.10. China LTE Market Forecast Breakdown
    3.11. Smartphone Market Forecast by Price Range
    3.12. Smartphone Market Forecast by OS Platform
    3.13. Smartphone Market Forecast by Display Size
    3.14. Mobile Phone Market Share Trend
        3.14.1. Total
        3.14.2. by Cellular Standard
        3.14.3. Quarterly Mobile Phone Market Share Trend
    3.15. Smartphone Market Share Trend
        3.15.1. Total
        3.15.2. by OS Platforms
        3.15.3. Quarterly Mobile Phone Market Share Trend
4. Mobile Platform
    4.1. Cellular Modem and Application Processor Vendor List
    4.2. Mobile Phone Chipset Supply Chain and Share
    4.3. Major Handset Vendor’s Platform Trend
    4.4. Modem Chip Market Share Trend by Cellular Standard
        4.4.1. Handset Modem Total
        4.4.2. LTE
        4.4.3. WCDMA
        4.4.4. TD-SCDMA
        4.4.5. GSM
        4.4.6. CDMA
    4.5. Smartphone Chip Market Share Trend
        4.5.1. Smartphone Modem Market Share Trend
        4.5.2. Application Processor Market Share Trend
    4.6. Smartphone Chip Shipment Trend to Chinese Manufacturer
    4.7. Chipset Price Trend (1H2013-2H2015)
    4.8. Chip Roadmap
    4.9. LTE-Advanced Modem Roadmap
    4.10. Independent Application Processor Market Forecast
    4.11. Feature Integration
    4.12. Process Technology
        4.12.1. Process Technology Roadmap
        4.12.2. Processor Vendor- Foundry Supply Map
    4.13. CPU Core Trend
        4.13.1. CPU Core Roadmap
        4.13.2. 64bit Smartphone Market Forecast
        4.13.3. Smartphone Market Forecast by Number of CPU Core
    4.14. GPU Core 
        4.14.1. Major Mobile GPU Core
        4.14.2. GPU IP Market Share of Smartphone Application Processor
    4.15. Mobile Phone Chipset List
    4.16. IC Vendor Face Sheet
        4.16.1. HiSilicon
        4.16.2. Intel
        4.16.3. Leadcore Technology
        4.16.4. Marvell
        4.16.5. MediaTek
        4.15.6. Qualcomm
        4.15.7. Samsung Electronics
        4.15.8. Spreadtrum
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