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Wireless Power Charging Market Analysis 2019-2020

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A4 :80 Pages
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This report analyze Wireless Power Charging market that adopted mainly on Smart Phone.
Presenting current status and future perspective with respect to by Application, method and wattage mainly on consumer applications.
Foe Automotive application, In-cabin charging and EV Charging is examined.
0. Classification of Wireless Power Charging
1. Summary
    1-1. Market Summary
    1-2. Market Volume
    1-3. Entry Status
    1-4. Market Trend by Method (Rx/ Tx)
        1-4-1. Quantity Trend
        1-4-2. Module Revenue Trend
2. Wireless power Standard
    2-1. Overview
    2-2. Qi
    2-3. AirFuel
    2-4. NFC
    2-5. SAE International
    2-6. New Product
        2-6-1. Energous Corporation
        2-6-2. Sonic Energy (uBeam)
        2-6-3. Ossia
3. Wireless Power Rx Market
    3-1. Market Volume
    3-2. Adoption status by Application
    3-3. Module Revenue
    3-4. Wattage status of Rx Application
    3-5. Smart Phone/ Mobile Phone
        3-5-1. Application Market Volume
        3-5-2. Wireless Power Volume, Adoption ratio
    3-6. Smart Watch Total Volume, Wireless Power Volume, Adoption ratio
    3-7. Ear Phone/ Head Phone Total Volume, Wireless Power Volume, Adoption ratio
    3-8. Digital Pen Wireless Power Market Volume
    3-9. Others Wireless Power Market Volume
4. Set Maker Status
    4-1. Application Maker Share
        4-2-1. Smart Phone model with Wireless Power by Maker
        4-2-2. Wireless Power Smart Phone Maker Share
        4-2-3. Wattage Status by Smart Phone Maker
    4-3. Wireless Power Smart Watch Maker Share
    4-4. Wireless Power Earphone Maker Share
    4-5. Wireless Power Digital Pen Maker Share
5. Wireless Power Tx Market
    5-1. Volume Status
    5-2. Module Revenue
    5-3. Wattage Trend
    5-4. Usage Status by Wattage
6. Rx/ Tx Module
    6-1. Rx Module Value Chain
    6-2. Rx Module Maker Share
    6-3. Tx Module Value Chain
    6-4. Tx Module Maker Share
7. Automotive Market
    7-1. Market Volume
    7-2. Wireless Charger OEM Share
    7-3. Wireless Charger Maker Share
    7-4. Value Chain Status
    7-5. Wireless Power Adoption 2018 Model by OEM
    7-6. Adoption Status by Car OEM (2019)
8. Wireless Power for EV
    8-1. Market Volume, Adoption status
    8-2. Standard for Automotive
    8-3. EV Charging Roadmap
    8-4. Product Status
    8-5. Charging while driving
9. Chipset/ Semiconductor
    9-1. Entry Status (2019)
    9-2. Value Chain (2019)
10. Cost Analysis
11. Product List
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