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1st half 2019 Mobile Phone Platform Market & Development

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This report is update version of “Mobile Phone Platform Market & Development” market report. The report analyze the market trend of cellular modem chip and application processor for smartphone/feature phone. In this update, we featured LTE feature phone market, 5G smartphone market, 5G chipset price estimate, 5G modem chipset roadmap, smartphone SoC/AP shipment trends, and chipset roadmap by 2019, and so on.

Market Forecast Period: CY2017-2024
Market Share Period: CY2018-2019, and 1Q2018-4Q2019
1. Summary
    1.1. Mobile Platform Market Summary
    1.2. Mobile Phone & Smartphone Market Forecast
    1.3. Mobile Phone Modem Technology Migration Trend
    1.4. 5G Smartphone Market Breakdown
    1.5. Smartphone Application Processor Process Node Migration Trend
    1.6. Smartphone Application Processor Market Share Trend, 2014-2020F
    1.7. High end Mobile Platform Roadmap
2. Cellular Network Trend
    2.1. Cellular Standard Roadmap
    2.2. 3GPP, 5G Band
    2.3. Cellular Band Allocation by Area
    2.4. 5G Spectrum
    2.5. List of 5G Operators
3. Market Forecast
    3.1. Mobile Phone Market Forecast
    3.2. Mobile Phone Market Forecast by Area
    3.3. Smartphone Market Forecast by Area
    3.4. Feature Phone Market Forecast
    3.5. Smart Feature Phone Market Forecast
        3.5.1. Smart Feature Phone Market Forecast by Area
        3.5.2. Smart Feature Phone Market Forecast by OS Platform
    3.6. Market Trend by Area
    3.7. Mobile Phone and Smartphone Market Forecast by Area
    3.8. Mobile Phone Market Forecast by Standard
    3.9. Smartphone Market Forecast by Standard
    3.10. 5G Smartphone Market Forecast Breakdown
    3.11. Comparison LTE and 5G Penetration Speed
    3.12. LTE/5G Mobile Phone Market Breakdown by CA Configuration
    3.13. Smartphone Market Forecast by Price Band
    3.14. Mobile Phone Market Share Trend
        3.14.1. Mobile Phone Market Share
        3.14.2. Smartphone Market Share
        3.14.3. Mobile Phone Market Share by Cellular Standard
        3.14.4. Quarterly Mobile Phone Market Share Trend
        3.14.5. Quarterly Smartphone Market Share Trend
    3.15. Export Shipment Proportion of Major Chinese Smartphone Vendors
4. Mobile Platform
    4.1. Cellular Modem and Application Processor Vendor List
    4.2. Mobile Phone Chipset Supply Chain and Share
    4.3. Major Handset Vendor’s Platform Trend
    4.4. Modem Chip Market Share Trend by Cellular Standard
        4.4.1. Handset Modem Total
        4.4.2. 5G
        4.4.3. LTE
        4.4.4. WCDMA
        4.4.5. GSM
    4.5. Smartphone Chip Market Share Trend
        4.5.1. Smartphone Modem Market Share Trend
        4.5.2. Application Processor Market Share Trend
        4.5.3. Smart Feature Phone SoC Market Share
        4.5.4. In-house Application Processor/ SoC Trend
    4.6. Smartphone SoC Shipment Trend, 1Q2018-4Q2019, 2017-2019
    4.7. Smartphone Chip Vendor Shipment Breakdown by Segment
    4.8. Smartphone SoC Vendor Shipment by Major Customers
    4.9. Smartphone Chipset Price Trend (1H2018-2H2021)
    4.10. Smartphone Chipset Roadmap
    4.11. 5G Smartphone Chipset Roadmap
    4.12. Process Technology
        4.12.1. Process Technology Roadmap
        4.12.2. Processor Vendor- Foundry Matrix
        4.12.3. Smartphone Application Processor Market Breakdown by Process Node
        4.12.4. Wafer Price Forecast
    4.13. CPU Core Trend
    4.14. GPU Core
        4.14.1. Major Mobile GPU Core
        4.14.2. GPU IP Market Share of Smartphone Application Processor
    4.15. Mobile Neural Processor
    4.16. Mobile Phone Chipset List
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