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2015 edition, LIB Market Analysis on China

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A4 :218 Pages
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JPY400,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)
The report, “2015 edition, LIB Market Analysis on China,” is designed to clarify overall picture of the market and status of major Chinese LIB cell and material makers in hundreds. 

The 2015 edition concentrates on Chinese power LIB market that has been in an explosive demand growth. Not only the LIB makers for power type have been rapidly expanding from the latter half of 2014, but also the report studies China EV bus market situations, China xEV market status, policies, and materials in order to analyze the status quo and future possibilities. 

Besides the power LIB, consumer LIB market situations, creating a certain market size by tier-2 makers, will appear in face sheet of the report. 

Furthermore, the report grasps a whole picture of Chinese cathode, anode, separator, and electrolyte material makers, which have been improving day by day. Among the Chinese material makers, major players, as well as emerging players will appear in the report’s face sheet in detail. 

The report attempts to clarify the current situations and capabilities of the Chinese LIB market through researching the Chinese LIB industry vertically, as well as from multiple points. The report intends to support related companies in series of decision making processes, including in sales strategy, development strategy, and investment strategy. 

The report is 2015 edition annual report. 
Although this report can assist the readers to comprehend the overall China LIB market, parallel use with “Small LIB Market Analysis,” “LIB Material Market Analysis,” and “Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive” will further expand the range of understanding the LIB market.
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