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2015 edition LIB Material Market Analysis

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“2015 edition LIB Material Market Analysis” (hereinafter “the report”) is a marketing report research and analyze by focusing on major materials of lithium-ion battery (LIB).

By covering “consumer LIB market,” “automotive LIB market,” and “Chinese tier-2 LIB market,” the report enables readers to grasp the overall LIB market. Also the report provides business relations and their changes of cathode, anode, separator, electrolyte, and LiPF6 materials during 2014 and 2015 in detail. Moreover, the report contains confusing but important points, such as technical trends and price changes, for clarifying the market structure at great length.

The report is designed to assist the readers to make a next step through clarifying the overall current LIB material industry in the volatile LIB market. 

In related to Chinese market, parallel use of the report and “LIB Market Analysis on China” report can further help understand the whole market in more details.
I. On Analysis
    Analysis 1 Market Category in the Report
    Analysis 2 What are the Characteristics of the each Market?
    Analysis 3 What are the Current Status and Possibilities in the each 3 Market!?
    Analysis 4 Small LIB Market
    Analysis 5 Automotive Market
    Analysis 6 China Tier-2 Market
    Analysis 7 Cathode Market
    Analysis 8 Anode Market
    Analysis 9 Separator Market
    Analysis 10 Electrolyte Market
    Preface ~ How to take advantage of the competitive market!? ~
II. On LIB Market
    2-1. LIB Market Trend (MWh basis) <2013-2019F>
        2-2-1. Small LIB Market Trend <2013-2019F>
        2-2-2. Small LIB Market Maker Share <2013-2015E>
        2-3-1. Automotive LIB Market Trend <2013-2015E>
        2-3-2. Automotive LIB Market Maker Share <2013-2015E>
    2-4. Influence of the China Tier-2 Market (China Tier-2 Market Trend <2013-2019F>)
    2-5. What are required for the Materials in the Changing Tides of Lithium-ion Battery Market!?
    2-6. 2.2Ah Cylindrical LIB Cost Breakdown <2013-2019F>
    2-7. LIB Cell Production Capacity Trend <2013-2015E>
III. On LIB Materials
    3-1. LIB Material Market Summary
        3-1-1. Changes in the Material Market Structure by the Emerging Chinese Makers!
        3-1-2. What are the Current Points on Technical Developments in the LIB Material Market!?
    3-2. Cathode
    3-3. Anode
    3-4. Separator
    3-5. Electrolyte
    3-6. Electorde (LiPF6)
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