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2015 edition, Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive

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A4 :155 Pages
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 “2015 edition, Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive” is a report designed to research and analyze market situations and trends of lithium-ion battery used for automotive (BEV, PHV, HV, FCV, 48V LVS, 12V LVS) in LIB market. 
 The report analyzes sales situations and future strategy of xEV and 12V/48V LVS in each automotive maker, drastic changes of positioning shifts among the lithium-ion battery makers by 2023, and lithium-ion battery materials adoption trends by 2018. 
 The report intends to be used by all automotive-related companies considering to adopt lithium-ion battery and lithium-ion battery-related companies planning to enter the automotive market in series of business judgements, including in sales strategy, development strategy, and investment strategy.

I. On Analysis
    Analysis 1 Chock-Full of Big Moves toward 2018! 
    Analysis 2 Automotive LIB Market Trend 
    Analysis 3 Who is the Winner in 2014!?
    Analysis 4 What is the Positioning Map in 2023?  
    Analysis 5 Policies Propel xEV!  
    Analysis 6 Strategies for xEV by Auto Makers Varies 
    Analysis 7 Battery - Automotive Supply/Unofficial Situations 
    Analysis 8 What are the Points in Material Shift until 2018? 
    Appendix: Preface  
II. On Lithium-ion Battery Market for Automotive
III. On xEV Market
IV. On Material
V. List of World's Policies for Supporting xEV Industry
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