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2014 edition, Small LIB Market Analysis

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A4 :180 Pages
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JPY400,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy) JPY520,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)
Year 2014 is coming to an end. 

At least superficially, small li-ion battery market in 2012-2013 was relatively stable. Today, the market is approaching to a next stage for drastic changes. 

Detail accounts will appear on the actual report, yet one noteworthy point is an “abnormal change” in mobile phone market. 

A giant leap of Chinese brand makers has become imperative for sales strategy among major li-ion battery makers. Moreover, the giant leap of the Chinese brand players has become influential to Samsung Electronics, which has been known as an inundant top maker. Accordingly, Samsung’s mobile phone volume for 2014 will most likely to mark below 2013 volume record. Under the given circumstances, the maker is attempting to revise its product strategy for the mobile phone. The revision by Samsung, accordingly, could change supply chain of the battery. This will more likely to shake the battery industry.

The report, "2014 edition, Small LIB Market Analysis" intends to clarify overall LIB market trend through tracing 13 application markets, such as mobile phone and note PC.

Through analyzing detail accounts of the current situations, then to estimate the future trend up to 2019, the report intends to support the respective companies in building sales strategy, development strategy, investment strategy, and business management.

Ⅰ. On Analysis
    Analysis 1, How far does Mobile Application Lead the LIB Market?
    Analysis 2 What is the Market Situation from Capacity Basis?
    Analysis 3 What is the Significance of each Application?
    Analysis 4 What are the Changes in Positioning among Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Players?
    Analysis 5 Does Devalued Yen makes the Japanese Players Stronger?
    Analysis 6 Positioning Map of the LIB Industry
    Analysis 7 By Capacity, Market Share Structure Changes Drastically!
Ⅱ. On Market
    2-1. Market Trend (by Type)
    2-2. Market Trend (by Application)
    2-3-1. Maker Share
    2-3-2. aker Share by Type (2013)
    2-3-3.Maker Share by Type (2014 Estimate)
    2-4. Market Trend by Maker (Quarterly Basis)
    2-5-1. LIB × Application, Supply Matrix (2013)
    2-5-2. LIB × Application, Supply Matrix (2014 Estimate)
    2-6. Market Trend by Capacity
    2-7. Capacity-Based Maker Share
    2-8. Market Trend by Revenue (by Type)
    2-9. Market Trend by Revenue (by Application)
    2-10. LIB Pack Market Trend (by Application)
    2-11. Comment & Analysis: What is the Current and Future of the Small LIB Market!?
    Appendix: Production Capacity Trend
    Data Sheet 1. LIB Market Trend by Application & Cell Type
    Data Sheet 2. LIB Supply Matrix in 2013
    Data Sheet 3. LIB Supply Matrix in 2014 Estimate
Ⅲ. On Analysis of Maker Trends
    3-1. LIB Maker Positioning Map
    3-2. Positioning Map by Capacity
    3-3. Changing Balance of Power between Japan, China, and Korea!
    3-4. What is the Impact of the Currency Exchange!?
    3-5. Strategies and Directions of LIB Makers
    3-6. Maker Face Sheet
        No.1: Panasonic Corporation
        No.2: Sony Energy Device Corporation
        No.3: Hitachi Maxell Energy Ltd.,
        No.4: Samsung SDI Co., Ltd.
        No.5: LG Chem
        No.6: BYD Company Limited
        No.7: Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.
        No.8: Amperex Technology Limited (ATL)
        No.9: China BAK Battery, Inc.
        No.10: Coslight Technology International  Group Ltd.
Ⅳ. On Application
    4-1. Summary
        4-1-1. Application Positioning Map
        4-1-2. LIB Supply Map
        4-1-3. Presence of Applications by Capacity!
        4-1-4. What Applications Should We Target!?
    4-2. NotePC
        4-2-1. Market Trend
        4-2-2. Maker Share
        4-2-3. LIB Trend for NotePC
        4-2-4. Trend by Capacity
        4-2-5. LIB Maker Share in NotePC
        4-2-6. LIB×NotePC Supply Matrix
        4-2-7. Product List
    4-3. Tablet PC
        4-3-1. Market Trend
        4-3-2. Maker Share
        4-3-3. LIB Trend for Tablet PC
        4-3-4. LIB Maker Share in Tablet PC
        4-3-5. LIB × Tablet PC Supply Matrix
        4-3-6. Product List
    4-4. Cellular Phone
        4-4-1. Market Trend
        4-4-2. Maker Share
        4-4-3. LIB Trend for Cellular Phone
        4-4-4. LIB Maker Share in Cellular Phone
        4-4-5. LIB × Cellular Phone Supply Matrix
        4-4-6. Appendix: Smart Phone and Battery Capacity
        4-4-7. Product List
    4-5. DSC
        4-5-1. Market Trend
        4-5-2. Maker Share
        4-5-3. LIB Trend for DSC
        4-5-4. LIB Maker Share in DSC
        4-5-5. LIB × DSC Supply Matrix
        4-5-6. Product List
    4-6. Camcorder
        4-6-1. Market Trend
        4-6-2. Maker Share
        4-6-3. LIB Trend for Camcorder
        4-6-4. LIB Maker Share in Camcorder
        4-6-5. LIB×Camcorder Supply Matrix
        4-6-6. Product List
    4-7. Portable Audio / PMP
        4-7-1. Market Trend
        4-7-2. Maker Share
        4-7-3. LIB Trend for Portable Audio / PMP
        4-7-4. LIB Maker Share in Portable Audio / PMP
        4-7-5. Product List
    4-8. Portable Game
        4-8-1. Market Trend
        4-8-2. Maker Share
        4-8-3.LIB Trend for Portable Game
        4-8-4. LIB Maker Share in Portable Game
        4-8-5. LIB×Portable Game Supply Matrix
        4-8-6. Product List
    4-9. Wearable Devices
        4-9-1. Market Trend
        4-9-2. Maker Share
        4-9-3. LIB Trend for Wearable Devices
        4-9-4. LIB Maker Share in Wearable Devices
        4-9-5. LIB×Wearable Devices Supply Matrix
        4-9-6. Product List
    4-10. Power Tools
        4-10-1. Market Trend
        4-10-2. Maker Share
        4-10-3. Breakdown of Power Tools Market by Type (CY2013 basis)
        4-10-4. LIB Trend for Power Tools
        4-10-5. LIB Maker Share in Power Tools
        4-10-6. LIB×Power Tools Supply Matrix
        4-10-7. Appendix: New Housing Starts Trend
        4-10-8. Product List
    4-11. Shaver
        4-11-1. Market Trend
        4-11-2. Maker Share
        4-11-3. Breakdown of Shaver Market by Type (CY2013 basis)
        4-11-4. LIB Trend for Shaver
        4-11-5. LIB Maker Share in Shaver
        4-11-6. LIB×Shaver Supply Matrix
        4-11-7. Product List
    4-12. Electric Toothbrush
        4-12-1. Market Trend
        4-12-2. Maker Share
        4-12-3. Breakdown of Electric Toothbrush Market by Type (CY2013 basis)
        4-12-4. LIB Trend for Electirc Toothbrush
        4-12-5. LIB × Electirc Toothbrush Supply Matrix
        4-12-6. Product List
    4-13. Electric Bicycle
        4-13-1. Market Trend
        4-13-2. Maker Share
        4-13-3. Breakdown of Electric Bicycle Market by Type (CY2013 basis)
        4-13-4. LIB Trend for Electric Bicycle
        4-13-5. LIB Maker Share in Electric Bicycle
        4-13-6. Market Structure of LIB for E-assist Bicycle
        4-13-7. LIB×Electirc Bicycle Supply Matrix
        4-13-8. Definition of Electric Bicycle
        4-13-9. Product List
    4-14. Electric Bike (including Chinese Bike and Bicycle)
        4-14-1. Market Trend
        4-14-2. Maker Share
        4-14-3. LIB Trend for Electric Bike
        4-14-4. LIB Maker Share in Electric Bike
        4-14-5. Appendix: Chinese “Electric Bicycle” Market Trend
    4-15. Appendix
        4-15-1. How Should We See Tesla Market!?
        4-15-2. What is the Uniqueness of the Chinese Industry?
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