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2014 edition LIB Material Market Analysis

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In "2012-2013 edition, LIB Material Market Analysis," Chinese emerging makers have shown a giant leap in volume. 2014 edition of the report is to update the latest information. To begin with a conclusion, the overall Chinese material makers in 2013 was slowing down in a simple volume trend. However, when observing from changes in detailed business relations and in price, it does not mean that the momentum of the players have slowed down.

On the other hand, non-Chinese players of Japanese, Korean, European, and American makers were pursuing high value-added products, which may have been triggering attrition. In order to survive, the makers have been developing new products and cost down. However, already, some makers were in advantageous positions, while others were facing challenges.

"2014 edition, LIB Material Market Analysis" is a report contains major LIB materials of: cathode, anode, separator, and electrolyte. By each material, the report analyzes the current status and the future trend in detail. In 2014 edition, the report also contains a detailed data and trend of coating separator.

TSR generally covers "battery for consumer market" and "battery for automotive market." In addition to that, the LIB material report also covers and clarifies "local Chinese battery market," which creates a huge market size from the material point of view. By covering the "local Chinese battery market," which has been regarded as different market structure from non-Chinese market, the LIB material report intends to clarify the business relationships and price changes, current development status for the new technologies, other challenges, and points to be understood.

This market analysis report is aimed to serve and assist the readers in making a next step in business decisions, amid the volatile Li-ion battery market.

Meanwhile, although the LIB material market covers the overall trend, parallel use of "2014 LIB Project, LIB Market Analysis on China," which will be published in June 2014, can further help to comprehend the total market.

  1. On Analysis
    • Analysis 1 Market Category in the Report
    • Analysis 2 What is the Characteristics of the Each Market?
    • Analysis 3 What is the Marketability of the 3 Markets!?
    • Analysis.4 Small LIB Market
    • Analysis 5 Automotive Market
    • Analysis 6 China Domestic (China Tier-2) Market
    • Analysis 7 Cathode Market
    • Analysis 8 Anode Market
    • Analysis 9 Separator Market
    • Analysis 10 Electrolyte Market
    • Preface, How to take initiative in the competitive market!?
  2. On LIB Market
    • 2-1.LIB Market Trend (MWh basis)
      • 2-2-1. Small LIB Market Maker Share
      • 2-2-2. Small LIB Market
      • 2-3-1. Automotive LIB Market Trend
      • 2-3-2. Automotive LIB Market Maker Share
    • 2-4. Capability of China Tier-2 Market
    • 2-5. Added Value of LIB and Request for Cost Down What lies ahead after competition between value-added strategy vs price race?
    • 2-6. Cost Breakdown Trend of Cylindrical 2.2Ah
    • 2-7. LIB Cell Production Capacity Trend
  3. On Material
    • 3-1.
      • 3-1-1. What are the Market Structure of LIB Material and Value Added Material!?
      • 3-1-1-1. Structural Change in the Material Market by Emerging Chinese Players!
      • 3-1-1-2. What are the Points in the Current Technological Development for LIB Material Market!? = Key Materials for the Next Generation LIB Product! =
    • 3-2. Cathode
    • 3-3. Anode
    • 3-4. Separator
    • 3-5. Electrolyte
    • 3-6. Electrode (LiPF6)
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