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2013-2014 edition, Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive

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A4 : 128 Pages
JPY400,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy) JPY520,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)
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The report, "2013-2014 edition, Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive" isdesigned to comprehend the market situation and trend of li-ion battery usedfor automotive, including EV, HEV, PHEV, REEV (Range Extender EV).

The xEV market, once the li-ion battery industry regarded asdisappointing, has ignited and gained a momentum to grow, due to the hitmodels of Tesla's Model S and from other players. Moreover, besides EV and plug-in hybrids, li-ion battery demand for newereco cars, such as idling stop system and "48V Micro Hybrid," has startedto gain more attention. On the other hand, "competitive eco car" for xEV, such as fuel cellvehicle (FCV), has a good potential to expand, thus xEV cannot enjoyoptimism.

The report aims to cover analysis of eco car trend by makers, as well aswhat kind of xEV does respective makers are considering to proceed, and howdo they actually move forward. Also, the report covers series of policiesrelated to xEV by each country and region. Based on the mentioned coverage, the report analyzes each li-ion batterymaker's market positioning, sales structure, and competitiveness.

Furthermore, the report is covering materials used for automotive li-ionbattery. Such coverage includes the recent developments and trend in thepast 1-2 years, as well as long term trend.

Chinese market, which is regarded as uncertain but signals a goodpotential, is also being analyzed in separate chapter.

Finally, xEV market has started to show a ray of hope. Meanwhile, drasticchange of li-ion battery makers and shift of major material players areseen.

This multi-client report intends to support any decision making process,including sales strategy, development strategy, investment strategy, andbusiness management of the respective clients in LIB for automotive market.

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