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2012-2013 LIB Project, LIB Market Analysis on China

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"2012-2013 LIB Project, LIB Market Analysis on China" report clarifies Chinese Li-ion battery market structure and constantly-changing surrounding environment, as well as tier-2 market size and application changes.

Beside popular players including BYD, ATL, Lishen, and BAK, which have been shipping their products to the global market, there are several hundreds of other domestic Li-ion battery makers. Most of the tier-2 makers are engaged in selling low end Li-ion battery to the local market (in this report, TSR label them as "China Domestic makers"), which major industry players do not count, thus paid less attention. However, the Chinese domestic makers have been building a one big market.

Importantly, for the past one year, there has been a substantial change in the China domestic market; namely in smart phone and power bank.

In the Chinese Li-ion battery material makers, the players have been enjoying their advantages of having a massive home demand, rich in natural resources, lower labor cost, and strong boost from their government. Furthermore, the Chinese Li-ion battery material makers have been growing steadily and have been enlarging their shipment volume to overseas Li-ion battery cell makers in Japan and in Korea. Especially in 2012, the Chinese Li-ion battery material makers have significantly increased their market presence in the global market, thus that the material market structure has profoundly changed from a few years ago.

Accordingly, the Chinese market, which had been paid less recognition in the past, has become a powerhouse in the industry, and experiencing a giant leap to become major manufacturers both in Li-ion battery and materials. At the same time, there is some instability and uncertainties in their abilities. Therefore, huge fluctuations are also expected in the future as well.

So what kind of business that Li-ion battery and material makers are doing, and how will they grow further? Moreover, how the Chinese xEV industry, which previously labeled as a dark horse, will become under the Xi administration?

This marketing report puts a spot light to the growing influence of the Chinese market to clarify the reality of it from various angles.

Although this report covers the Chinese Li-ion battery market comprehensively, combination use with " 2012-2013 edition LIB Material Market Analysis " (released in March, 2013) will further support the readers with wide-ranged understandings of the market.

  1. On Analysis
    1. Definitions of LIB Market in this Report..
    2. Market Positioning of LIB Groups and the Next Steps..
    3. Major Remarks on Chinese LIB Makers..
    4. How BIG is the Chinese LIB Market?..
    5. Major Remarks on Chinese Material Makers..
    6. Cathode Market..
    7. Anode Market..
    8. Separator Market..
    9. Electrolyte Market..
    10. Advantages of Chinese LIB Material Players..
  2. On LIB Market
    • 2-1. China LIB Market Overview
    • 2-2. Production Capacity Trend of Chinese LIB Makers
    • 2-3. Major Chinese LIB Maker Share
    • 2-4. Major Chinese LIB Makers; Shipment Volume by Type
    • 2-5. Major Chinese LIB Makers, by Application Trend
    • 2-6. On Chinese Mobile Phone Brand Maker Market
    • 2-7. Major Chinese Smart Phone Maker Plot by mAh Capacity
    • 2-8. Product List of Major Chinese Smart Phone Maker
    • 2-9. On Power Bank, a Rapidly Rising Market
    • 2-10. Changes in Chinese xEV Market
    • 2-11. Supply Matrix of Eco-Carr
    • 2-12. Supply Matrix of Eco-Bus
    • 2-13. Promotional Policy of Eco Car in China -1
    • 2-14. Promotional Policy of Eco Car in China -2
  3. On LIB Material Market
    • 3-1. Chinese LIB Material in General
      • 3-1-1. Environmental Changes Surrounding LIB Material
      • 3-1-2. Chinese LIB Material Penetration
      • 3-1-3. Business Expansions of Chinese LIB and Material Makers
      • 3-1-4. Map of Mainland China
      • 3-1-5. Map; Domestically Produced Raw Materials in China
      • 3-1-6. Map; Headquarters Locations of Major Chinese LIB Mateiral Makers
      • 3-1-7. Map; Headquarters Locations of Major Chinese LIB Makers
    • 3-2. On Cathode
      • 3-2-1. Overview of Cathode
      • 3-2-2. Shipment of Chinese Cathode Makers
      • 3-2-3. Cathode Market Trend of China Domestic Market
      • 3-2-4. Production Capacity Trend
      • 3-2-5. Major Cathode Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-2-6. Cathode: by Maker, by Type
      • 3-2-7. 2011 Supply Matrix of Chinese Cathode Makers
      • 3-2-8. 2012 Supply Matrix of Chinese Cathode Makers
      • 3-2-9. On Current Chinese Market
    • 3-3.On Anode
      • 3-3-1. Overview of Anode
      • 3-3-2. Shipment of Chinese Anode Makers
      • 3-3-3. Anode Market Trend of China Domestic Market
      • 3-3-4. Production Capacity Trend
      • 3-3-5. Major Anode Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-3-6. Anode: by Maker, by Type
      • 3-3-7. 2011 Supply Matrix of Chinese Anode Makers
      • 3-3-8. 2012 Supply Matrix of Chinese Anode Makers
      • 3-3-9. On Current Chinese Market
    • 3-4. On Separator
      • 3-4-1. Overview of Separator
      • 3-4-2. Shipment of Chinese Separatpr Makers
      • 3-4-3. Separator Market Trend of China Domestic Market
      • 3-4-4. Production Capacity Trend
      • 3-4-5. Major Separator Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-4-6. Separator : by Maker, by Type
      • 3-4-7. 2011 Supply Matrix of Chinese Separator Makers
      • 3-4-8. 2012 Supply Matrix of Chinese Separator Makers
      • 3-4-9. On Current Chinese Market
    • 3-5. On Electrolyte
      • 3-5-1. Overview of Electrolyte
      • 3-5-2. Shipment of Chinese Electrolyte Makers
      • 3-5-3. Electrolyte Market Trend of China Domestic Market
      • 3-5-4. Production Capacity Trend
      • 3-5-5. Major Electrolyte Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-5-6. 2011 Supply Matrix of Chinese Electrolyte Makers
      • 3-5-7. 2012 Supply Matrix of Chinese Electrolyte Makers
      • 3-5-8. On Current Chinese Market
    • 3-6. On LiPF6
      • 3-6-1. Major LiPF6 Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-6-2. Production Capacity Trend
  4. On Major LIB and Material Makers
    • 4-1. Major LIB Makers; Production Capacity and Production Sites
      • No1. BYD Battery Co., Ltd.
      • No2. Amperex Technology Limited
      • No3. ShenZhen BAK Battery CO., LTD
      • No4. Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd
      • No5. Coslight Technology International Group Ltd.
      • No6. HYB BATTERY Co., Ltd.
      • No7. ShenZhen WISEWOD Technology Co.,Ltd.
      • No8. Shenzhen Dikte Battery Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
      • No9. UTL Technology
      • No10. B&K Company Limited
      • No11. Ningbo Veken Battery Company Inc.
      • No12. Dongguan City Zhenhua new energy science and technology limited (Sinowatt´╝ë
      • No13. Wanxiang EV Co., Ltd.
      • No14. CITIC Guoan MGL Power Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
    • 4-2. Major Material Makers, Production Capacity and Production Sites
      • No1. Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd.
      • No2. Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd.
      • No3. Tianjin B&M Science and Technology Joint-Stock Co., Ltd.
      • No4. Hunan Reshine New Material Co., Ltd.
      • No5. ShenZhen TianJiao Technology Development LTD.
      • No6. Ningbo Jinhe New Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No7. Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd
      • No8. Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd (XTC)
      • No9. Henan Kelong New Enerby Co., Ltd.
      • No10. Hongsen Material Co., Ltd.
      • No11. Jining Wujie Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
      • No12. Qingdao LNCM Co., Ltd
      • No13. Hunan Dahua New Energy Co., LTD
      • No14. ZTE Advanced Materials. Co. Ltd. Shanghai Pylon Technology
      • No15. Zhejiang Zhenhua New Energy Technology Co., Ltd
      • No16. Linyi Gelon New Battery Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No17. BTR Energy Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No18. Morgan AM&T Hairong Co., Ltd.
      • No19. Rightful Technology Co.,Ltd (RTT)
      • No20. ChangSha Geling Battery Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No21. Changsha Xingcheng Microlite Graphite Co., Ltd.
      • No22. Xinxiang Zhongke Science and Technology Company Co., Ltd. (Green)
      • No23. Jinhui Hi-Tech
      • No24. Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., Ltd.
      • No25. Cangzhou Mingzhu Plastic Co., Ltd.
      • No26. Xun Teng (N/A in official company name in English)
      • No27. ZhengHua (N/A in official company name in English)
      • No28. Foshan Donghang Optic-Electric Technology Co., Ltd. (FSDH)
      • No29. XinShi (N/A in official company name in English)
      • No30. ATOP New Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No31. Zhangjiagang Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd.
      • No32. Shenzhen Capchem Technology Co., Ltd.
      • No33. Tianjin Jinniu Power Sources Material Co., Ltd.
      • No34. Guangzhou Tinci Materials Technology Co.Ltd.
      • No35. Beijing Institute of Chemical Reagents (BICR)
      • No36. Shantou Jinguang High-Tech Co., Ltd.(Golden Light Hi-Tech)
      • No37. Zhuhai Smoothway Electronic Materials Co., Ltd
      • No39. Jiangsu Jiujiujiu Technology Co., Ltd.
Appendix; Major LIB and Material Makers
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