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2011 LIB Project; LIB Market Analysis on China

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A4 : 129 Pages
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"2011 LIB Project; LIB Market Analysis on China" intends to clarify market environment, structure, size and competitiveness of B grade market of LIB market in China.

Beside popular makers such as BYD and ATL, there are hundreds of "unseen" cell makers in China (in this report, the "unseen" LIB makers are described as "China Domestics")

Since "China Domestics" quality is lower than Korean and Japanese counterparts, and thus market segment is different, their business activities do not reflect to regular global LIB market. However, the "China Domestics" are already created a huge market. Not only that, the "China Domestics" has also been improving their capabilities.
Their improvements are not only come from within, but also from improvements of Chinese material makers.
The "China Domestics" has been procuring most of their materials domestically, which has been resulting in development of the material makers. Accordingly, some of the Chinese material makers have started to be used in Korean and Japanese cell makers.
Conversely, since some Japanese makers have started to shift their production sites to China, structure of "China vs Japan" has become more apparent in the material market.

In the midst of the above mentioned market situations, Japanese LIB players have started to enter China.
However, the shift of the production sites to China also creates a concern of a possible technological leak. Although the Japanese players have been drawing a line between them and the Chinese players in terms of technological knowhow, the shift may help develop the Chinese material players to become competitors for the Korean and the Japanese players.

How big and how the market has shaped in the Chinese LIB industry?
What kind of business does each Chinese cell and material makers have been practicing?
What is going on in China xEV industry?

The report intends to clarify increasing presence of the Chinese market from multiple approaches.

The report is an annual report of 2011 LIB project.

Combined use with "2011 edition, LIB Material Market Analysis" report (released in January, 2012) will further help the readers to comprehend the detail accounts of the market.

  1. On Analysis
    • 1-1. Definitions of LIB Market in this Report
    • 1-2. Market Positioning of LIB Groups and the Next Steps
    • 1-3. Major Remarks on Chinese LIB Makers
    • 1-4. How BIG is the Chinese LIB Market?
    • 1-5. Growth of the Chinese LIB Market
    • 1-6. Surrounding Environment of China LIB Makers
    • 1-7. Major Remarks on Chinese Material Makers
    • 1-8. On Cathode Market
    • 1-9. On Anode Market
    • 1-10. On Separator Market
    • 1-11. On Electrolyte Market
    • 1-12. Surrounding Environment of China Material Makers
    • 1-13. Business Expansions, Minimizing Transaction Cost and Risk
    • 1-14. Advantages of Chinese LIB Material Players
  2. On LIB Market
    • 2-1. China LIB Market Overview
    • 2-2. LIB Makers List
    • 2-3. Major LIB Makers; Shipment Volume Share
    • 2-4. Major LIB Makers; Production Capacity by Sites in 2010
    • 2-5. Major LIB Makers; Shipment Volume by Type
    • 2-6. Major LIB Makers, by Applications in 2010
    • 2-7. Mobile Phone in China
    • 2-8. On Gray Phone Market Trend and its Impact
    • 2-9. On Chinese Eco-Car
    • 2-10. Major Policies Promoting Eco-Car in China
    • 2-11. Supply Matrix of Eco-Car
    • 2-12. Supply Matrix of Eco-Bus
    • 2-13. E-Bicycle Market in China
    • 2-14. New Applciation; ESS
  3. On LIB Material Market
    • 3-1. Chinese LIB Material in General
      • 3-1-1. Chracteristics of Chinese LIB Material Makers
      • 3-1-2. Competitiveness of the Chinese Material Players
      • 3-1-3. Business Expansions of Chinese LIB and Material Makers
      • 3-1-4. Another Advantage of Chinese Mateiral Makers; Domestically Produced Resources
      • 3-1-5. Japanese and Korean LIB Material Makers Plants in China
    • 3-2. On Cathode
      • 3-2-1. Overview of Cathode
      • 3-2-2. Reference: Long Term Trend of Cathode for China Domestic Market
      • 3-2-3. Cathode Makers List
      • 3-2-4. Major Cathode Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-2-5. Cathode: by Maker, by Type
      • 3-2-6. 2010 Supply Matrix of Chinese Cathode Makers
      • 3-2-7. 2011 Supply Matrix of Chinese Cathode Makers
      • 3-2-8. Reference: On Materials for Cathode
      • 3-2-9. What's the Next Step?
    • 3-3. On Anode
      • 3-3-1. Overview of Anode
      • 3-3-2. Reference: Long Term Trend of Anode for China Domestic Market
      • 3-3-3. Anode Makers List
      • 3-3-4. Major Anode Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-3-5. Anode: by Maker, by Type
      • 3-3-6. 2010 Supply Matrix of Chinese Anode Makers
      • 3-3-7. 2011 Supply Matrix of Chinese Anode Makers
      • 3-3-8. What's the Next Step?
    • 3-4. On Separator
      • 3-4-1. Overview of Separator
      • 3-4-2. Reference: Long Term Trend of Separator for China Domestic Market
      • 3-4-3. Separator Maker List
      • 3-4-4. Major Separator Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-4-5. Separator: by Maker, by Type
      • 3-4-6. 2010 Supply Matrix of Chinese Separator Makers
      • 3-4-7. 2011 Supply Matrix of Chinese Separator Makers
      • 3-4-8. What's the Next Step?
    • 3-5. On Electrolyte
      • 3-5-1. Overview of Electrolyte
      • 3-5-2. Reference: Long Term Trend of Electrolyte for China Domestic Market
      • 3-5-3. Electrolyte Makers List
      • 3-5-4. Major Electrolyte Makers; Shipment Volume Share
      • 3-5-5. 2010 Supply Matrix of Chinese Electrolyte Makers
      • 3-5-6. 2011 Supply Matrix of Chinese Electrolyte Makers
      • 3-5-7. What's the Next Step?
  4. On Major LIB and Material Makers
    • 4-1. Major LIB Makers; Production Capacity and Production Sites
      • No1 BYD Battery Co., Ltd.
      • No2 Amperex Technology Limited
      • No3 ShenZhen BAK Battery CO., Ltd.
      • No4 Tianjin Lishen Battery Joint-Stock Co.,Ltd
      • No5 Harbin Coslight Group Co., Ltd.
      • No6 HYB BATTERY Co., Ltd
      • No7 ZhongShan Tianmao Battery Co., Ltd.
      • No8 B&K Company Limited
      • No9 ShenZhen WISEWOD Technology Co., Ltd.
      • No10 UTL Technology
      • No11 Shenzhen Dikte Battery Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
      • No12 Ningbo Veken Battery Company Inc.
      • No13 Wanxiang EV Co., Ltd.
      • No14 CITIC Guoan MGL Power Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
    • 4-2. Major Material Makers, Production Capacity and Production Sites
      • No1 Ningbo Shanshan Co., Ltd.
      • No2 Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd.
      • No3 ShenZhen TianJiao Technology Development LTD.
      • No4 Ningbo Jinhe New Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No5 Pulead Technology Industry Co., Ltd
      • No6 Tianjin STL Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
      • No7 Xiamen Tungsten Co., Ltd (XTC)
      • No8 Changzhou PowerGenie Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No9 Linyi Gelon New Battery Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No10 BTR Energy Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No11 Changsha Hairong Electronic Materials Co., Ltd.
      • No12 Xinxiangshi Green Xin Neng Yuan Cai Liao You Xian Gogsi
      • No13 Jinhui Hi-Tech
      • No14 Shenzhen Senior Technology Material Co., Ltd.
      • No15 Zhangjiagang Guotai-Huarong New Chemical Materials Co.,Ltd.
      • No16 Tianjin Jinniu Power Sources Material Co., Ltd.
Appendix; Major LIB and Material Makers
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