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2011 Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive

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A4 : 111 Pages
JPY400,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy) JPY520,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)
US$5,000 (English Ver./Hardcopy) US$6,500 (English Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)

"2011 Marketing Analysis of LIB for Automotive" (hereinafter referred as "the report") is a marketing research and analysis report for Lithium-ion battery (hereinafter referred as "LIB") for automotive (including EV, Range Extender EV, PHEV, HEV).

Through describing detail accounts of eco car strategies in each auto makers, eco car lineups available for market, and government policies until 2020, the report intends to analyze questions of "which auto makers will success?", "what type of battery-mounted automobile (EV vs. REEV/PHEV vs. HEV) will penetrate into the market?"

Moreover, as for LIB makers, the report intends to present; current business relationships with auto makers, policies and conditions for adopting batteries by auto makers, and general and surrounding market trend. By doing so, the report also attempts to analyze questions of "current market positioning of each battery maker, and how will they develop/grow hereafter?"

The report also clarifies current business relationships of LIB materials, including cathode, anode, separator, and electrolyte. Chapter for the materials analyzes a question of "what kind of materials will be growing for the automotive industry until 2020?"

Furthermore, the report is analyzing Chinese market, which is considered as a dark horse. Chapter for the Chinese market includes the current Chinese LIB for auto market situation and Chinese eco car industry. Moreover, the report also introduces rapidly approaching ties of Sino-US relations, together with their policies and business collaborations.

It is TSR's humble wish that the report will support any decision making process in LIB and automobile-related makers, including in sales, development, and investment strategies.

  1. On Analysis
    • Analysis 1 Automotive LIB Market Trend
    • Analysis 2 Battery-Automotive Supply Matrix
    • Analysis 3 HEV Market Trend
    • Analysis 4 PHEV/REEV Market Trend
    • Analysis 5 EV Market Trend
    • Analysis 6 What is LIB for Automotive Market for Material Makers!?
    • Analysis 7 The World aims to take an Initiative for xEV Society!!
    • Analysis 8 What is going on in China!?
  2. Market Trend of Automotive LIB
    • 2-1. LIB Market Trend by Type (Cell basis)
    • 2-2. LIB Market Trend by Type (Capacity basis)
    • 2-3. Market Trend by Maker (Cell basis)
    • 2-4. Market Trend by Maker (Capacity basis)
    • 2-5. Market Trend by Revenue
    • 2-6. Cell Price Trend
    • 2-7. Car-LIB Supply Matrix
    • 2-8. EV/HEV Production Sites
    • 2-9. Maker Facesheet
      • AESC
      • Panasonic
      • Sanyo
      • PEVE
      • Hitachi Vehicle Energy
      • Lithium Energy Japan
      • Toshiba
      • A123 Systems
      • LG Chemical
      • SB LiMotive
  3. Market Trend of Automotive
    • 3-1. Automotive Market, Shipment Trend by Area
    • 3-2. EV/PHEV/HEV Market Trend
    • 3-3. Shipment Trend by Area
      • 3-3-1. EV/PHEV/HEV in Total
      • 3-3-2. HEV Market Trend by Area
      • 3-3-3. PHEV/REEV Market Trend by Area
      • 3-3-4. EV Market Trend by Area
    • 3-4. Market Trend by Makers
      • 3-4-1. EV/PHEV/HEV in Total
      • 3-4-2. HEV Market Trend by Makers
      • 3-4-3. PHEV/REEV Market Trend by Makers
      • 3-4-4. EV Market Trend by Makers
    • 3-5. What are the Mid-Long Term Strategy by Each Makers and the Positioning of EV/PHEV/HEV!?
    • 3-6. Maker Facesheet
      • Toyota
      • Nissan
      • Mitsubishi
      • Honda
      • Mazda
      • Suzuki
      • General Motors
      • Ford Motor Company
      • Volcs wargen AG
      • PSA Peugeot Citroen
      • BMW
      • Daimler
      • Hyundai KIA
  4. On Material
    • 4-1. What is Impacts toward Material Makers in Automotive Industry?
    • 4-2. On Materials, Market Trend
    • 4-3. Cathode Material
      • 4-3-1. Market Trend
      • 4-3-2. Business Situation and Points for Market Capture, Cathode Material
    • 4-4. Anode Material
      • 4-4-1. Market Trend
      • 4-4-2. Business Situation and Points for Market Capture, Anode Material
    • 4-5. Separator
      • 4-5-1. Market Trend
      • 4-5-2. Business Situation and Points for Market Capture, Separator
    • 4-6. Electrolyte
      • 4-6-1. Market Trend
      • 4-6-2. Business Situation and Points for Market Capture, Electrolyte
  5. On China Potential
    • 5-1. Gneeral Overview of Chinese Market
    • 5-2. EV/PHEV/HEV Market Trend
    • 5-3. "Ten Cities, Thousand Vehicles"
      • 5-3-1. What is "Ten Cities, Thousand Vehicles"!?
      • 5-3-2. By Makers List in each Cities in "Ten Cities, Thousand Vehicles"
      • 5-3-3. "Ten Cities, Thousand Vehicles",
      • 5-3-4. What is other related Policies
    • 5-4. Sino-US Ties
      • 5-4-1. Rise of China and Closer Ties of Sino-US Relations!
      • 5-4-2. Sino-US Collaboration in EV-Related Business and Political Progress
      • 5-4-3. Examples of Sino-US Business Collaboration
  6. Appendix: Infrastructure
    • 6-1. Trend in Respective Countries/Regions
    • 6-2. LIB Development Targets in Respective Organizations
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