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2010 LIB Market Analysis

Pub Date
Size & Pages
A4 : 194 Pages
JPY400,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy) JPY520,000 (Japanese Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)
US$4,500 (English Ver./Hardcopy) US$5,900 (English Ver./Hardcopy + PDF)

This report, titled "2010 LIB Market Analysis," intends to clarify the current LIB market through tracking 13 major applications (incl. mobile phone and NotePC). Moreover, beside the 13 applications, the report contains EV/HEV marketability and its risk.

By approaching to detail accounts of the respective applications until 2015, this report is designed to support series of decision makings (incl. sales strategy, development strategy, investment strategy, and LIB business management) in the respective LIB-related makers and/or any other concerning parties.

This report is an annual report for 2010 in the LIB project. Although this annual report enable the readers to help understand comprehensive LIB market, quarterly report for LIB would also support to realize the real-time market situations.

lib US$4,500